Activities: Intramurals baby, get some

Sometimes college life doesn’t exactly facilitate a healthy lifestyle. Late-night pizza orders, weekend binge drinking and test cramming that interferes with scheduled workouts often prove detrimental to students’ overall wellness.

Fortunately, the U’s Campus Recreation Services is helping students stay in shape and have fun doing so.

The U is offering eight intramural sports in the first session of the Fall Semester that are open to all students.

Everything from soccer and football to ultimate frisbee and beach volleyball are available for students.

Registration for each sport can be done as a team or individuals can sign up as free agents. This means that you and 10 of your frat buddies can organize a team called “Drunk as a Skunk” and kick around a soccer ball. Or if you’ve always wanted to give ultimate frisbee a try but you’re a friendless loner like some of the sports staff at The Chronicle, you can sign up and be added to the “Dunder-Mifflen Salt Lake” team that needs another body to compete.

Most leagues offer a co-ed option so the guys and gals can mix it up together.

The registration fee for each team is $50 with half of those costs being refundable at the end of the season to all teams that don’t forfeit or miss a captains’ meeting. For individual sports such as tennis and racquetball, the fees drop to just $10.

The deadline to register as a team or as an individual is Sept. 5 — just two days after Labor Day, with leagues kicking off the following Monday.

Teams interested in signing up can go online to or go directly to HPER East Room 214 to fill out a sign-up sheet.

Intramural leagues might not immediately make those extra college pounds melt away, but they’re a good way to take your mind off the exercise while having some fun.

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