UPC hosts year’s first Crimson Nights

By By Michael McFall

By Michael McFall

Some colleges have notorious reputations for large campus parties, and the Union Programming Council hopes the U will continue to grow such a reputation. UPC hosts a party completely planned by students, for students-on campus, no less-that has become an increasingly popular U tradition: Crimson Nights, which kicks off its first event of the year this Friday.

Crimson Nights, held regularly at the Union Building, offers students free food, dancing, games and music from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Members of UPC spent weeks planning the event, creating posters, fliers and even cardboard cut-outs of Jack Sparrow to entice students to attend. As further encouragement, U shuttles run longer than their regular schedules to provide transportation to and from the event, which is strictly alcohol-free.

“It’s grown to over 7,000 people?it’s amazing,” said Julie Tran, executive director of UPC.

In contrast, the U’s first Crimson Nights event, held in 2000, had a turnout of only 800 students.

Groups that help host Crimson Nights have also grown and now include Residence Hall advisors and the Diversity Board.

“The University Credit Union is a huge sponsor this year,” Tran said.

UPC raises $70,000 each year for events like Crimson Nights.

This Friday’s Crimson Nights theme is Hollywood summer blockbusters.

Students can expect hairdressers la Hairspray, plenty of pizza and donuts they can chow down on like Homer Simpson, and a Silly String fight room to fulfill their Spider Man fantasies.

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Kate Berryman, a sophomore marketing major, makes posters, buttons and hands out fliers for Friday’s Crimson Nights. A large to-do list hangs on the wall for volunteers preparing for the event, which will follow a “Lights, Camera, Action!” theme.