Activities: Two clubs, one love

By By Jessica Dunn

By Jessica Dunn

Many students come to the University of Utah hungry for the greatest snow on earth. But if you need more than just the snow — for example, discounts, activities and friends — the U can provide these as well.

The U has two separate clubs to curb your snow-filled appetite: the Utah Freeskier Society and the U of U OneLove Ski and Snowboard Club.

The Freeskier Society has existed for several years and is the core ski club at the U, according to its website. The club’s main goal is to help members have the best ski season. It has connections for discounted passes, gear and monthly activities.

This year the Freeskier Society is selling passes to Alta, Snowbird, Park City and Brighton. All of the passes, with the exception of Alta, have discounts between $30 and $50 off the preseason price.

The club also has deals with Blue House,, Sports Den,, Teton Gravity Research and Discrete Headwear. Members get discounts from 10 to 20 percent off at each place.

Each month the Freeskier Society hosts at least one activity. This month it is going to the water ramps in Park City. Other planned activities include movie premieres, avalanche clinics, wax demos, club riding days, a club ski trip, race days and a slope-style competition.

Jonathan Campbell, vice president of the Freeskier Society, said the club is open to beginners, experts and everyone in between.

Perhaps you’re not a skier. No worries — there’s also the U of U OneLove Ski and Snowboard Club.

Previously known as the U Snowboard Club, OneLove formed this year to include skiers and boarders because it really doesn’t matter how many boards you strap your feet into, according to its website. Its main goal is to unite skiers and boarders and give them a way to be more involved in winter sports by giving them free or discounted sources.

OneLove also has discounted season passes to local resorts. It has passes for Brighton, the Canyons, Park City and Snowbird. The discounts for Brighton and Snowbird are the same as the Freeskier Society prices, but One Love offers cheaper Park City passes.

OneLove has shop deals as well. Members get discounts at Milo, Blindside, Surface, Christy’s Sports and Utah Ski and Golf. They also get discounts from sponsors such as Skull Candy.

Some of OneLove’s activities include rail jams, slope-style competitions, movie premieres, workshops, free waxes, club riding days and barbecues. It also has planned a trip to Jackson Hole in the spring.

“After our club tripled in size last year, (we’re) excited for the new season because of all the big events, trips and competitions we have planned,” said Leif Smith, president of the U of U OneLove Ski and Snowboard Club.

OneLove invites all boarders, skiers and anyone who loves snow to join. It encourages diversity and revolutionary thinking. That’s the whole idea behind OneLove.

The Freeskiers Society and OneLove share similar goals and perks. Their deals and discounts might be a little different, but they still share a love of the snow and the sports that come with it.

“I joined the Freeskier Society for the free shirt, the discounted pass and to meet other skiers at the U,” said Andrea Christensen, an undeclared freshman.

That’s what it’s all about. Join one of the clubs, get the goods and make some awesome friends along the way. Nothing could make for a better season.

To learn more about the Freeskier Society or OneLove, visit their websites at and You can join either club online or at their tables around campus for $10.

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