Letter: Don’t be scared of words


In response to the article “Students upset about slurs in show: Upcoming performance uses put-downs to address racism” (Sept. 4), I have to say for an institution of higher learning, there sure are a lot of closed-minded people wandering around this campus aimlessly asserting their opinions to no end.

The whole point of “N*gger, Wetb*ck, Ch*nk: The Race Show” is to poke fun at stereotypes and then have the audience come to the conclusion that we are, indeed, all humans with souls, problems and struggles. Should I repeat that last line? The point of this show is to bring people together in laughter, to show that they aren’t the only race in the world that has had to endure the discrimination of uneducated, scared, ethnocentric people who think that because your skin is of a different color you must be of the devil.

All people can think about when they hear about this show is how they are going to use “racist words” to describe these stereotypes. Come on people, are you afraid of a word? It’s the intent of the word that you need to be worried about. If I want to make someone cry without the use of swear words or slurs, you better believe I can do it. If I want to make someone laugh by using the “f-bomb” 15 times in one sentence, I can do that too. Pay attention to the intent. These actors are trying to help disparage the horrible intent of these words and in effect disarm the meaning behind them. Stop wasting your parents’ money to come to a university of higher education just to remain closed-minded.

Cameron SheyaGeology, Senior