NFC South preview

By By Jason Peterson

By Jason Peterson

New Orleans Saints (12-4)

The Saints are better than yo mama and just about every other team except those listed on a three-fingered hand. Think they won’t win 12 games? With the NFL’s 7th-easiest schedule and a certain Mr. Bush who also likes to go to war, let’s just say the Saints are God’s favorite team this year. Drew Brees will prove last season’s numbers of 4,418 yards and 26 TD’s (which were comparable to Peyton Manning’s digits) were no fluke. Gunning for a young receiving corps that includes budding star Marques Colston will keep Brees’ numbers nice and cushy. RB Deuce McAllister is a stud, but Reggie Bush is ridiculous.

Biggest addition: CB Jason David (Free Agency)

Biggest loss: Joe Horn (Released)

Circle your calendar: Sept. 6 at Indianapolis Colts

Carolina Panthers (10-6)

It’s funny — these guys were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders last year. Call it the Revival Campaign for former Ute Steve Smith (who was hampered by a hamstring last season), but the Panthers of 2007 should do better than their 8-8 record suggests. QB Jake Delhomme is going down and he’ll take the Panthers with him if they let him. But bringing in a pretty boy quarterback from the laughable Houston Texans doesn’t make any sense either. Oh, and you heard it here first: Rookie receiver Dwayne Jarrett out of USC is the second-coming of Randy Moss. Take that one to Vegas.

Biggest addition: LB Jon Beason (Rookie)

Biggest loss: FS Mike Minter (Retirement)

Circle your calendar: Dec. 16 vs. Seattle Seahawks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10)

The Bucs claim they aren’t in rebuilding mode. So they go out and bring in a one-minute solution like Jeff Garcia and THEN start rebuilding? They should scrap this season and either give young QB Chris Simms another shot or trade for someone else. Coach Jon Gruden prefers ancient players and bringing in Kevin Carter and Cato June to bolster the defense would’ve been a nice move five years ago. LB Derrick Brooks and WR Joey Galloway have little left in the tank.

Biggest addition: QB Jeff Garcia (Free Agency)

Biggest loss: RB Mike Alstott (Injured)

Circle your calendar: Oct. 28 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Atlanta Falcons (2-14)

McGruff the Crime Dog just took a bite out of crime? right in Michael Vick’s buttocks. The Falcons should compete with the NBA’s Hawks as Atlanta’s biggest jokes this winter. The Dolphins let go of Harrington in favor of has-been Trent Green. That says a lot about Harrington’s ability to get the job done. The Falcons should just take turns hiking the ball to TE Alge Crumpler or RB Warrick Dunn every time. Skip the quarterback position this year. Appalachian St. could beat the Falcons.

Biggest addition: QB Joey Harrington (Free Agency)

Biggest loss: QB Michael Vick (Dog Fighting)

Circle your calendar: Nov. 22 vs. Indianapolis Colts (Thanksgiving)