Letter: Don’t forget the spirit when heckling preachers

Dear Editor,

Just the other day we had some preachers on our campus trying to convert people to the readings in the Bible and Jesus. I found most of their arguments a little weird, but not a lot different from what other religions taught. I listened quietly and like college taught me I listened critically. I noticed though a lot of the students of the predominant faith in this state stayed and mocked the men that were merely trying to tell them how they thought they needed to be saved. I noted that a couple of the guys standing next to me were getting quite a kick out of their antics. One of them remarked, “This is the greatest day ever,” as one of his friends once again posed an ignorant, inappropriate question aimed at making fun of the preacher. As this man laughed and joked I couldn’t help but think the way that their religion started not many years ago. The main difference though in it was the man on campus was claiming to be saved by God while the man they claim to be their prophet was claiming to have seen God. Joseph Smith was mocked and then eventually killed by a mob due to his beliefs. For these so-called Mormons to stand around and mock the man on campus makes me wonder why? Do they not remember that the founder of their church was also ridiculed? Maybe you should think about how your religion started before you mock someone else for theirs. What if he is right and this is a new church? Just saying. It wasn’t fun when it happened to your prophet, so I’m sure it’s not fun now. Remember where you came from before you cast the first stone.

Erick Brown Senior, Public Relations