Letter: Don’t hate on Brian Johnson


This is a response to Peter Dalton’s letter “Study harder, Johnson” (Aug. 28). How dare we question Brian Johnson’s intelligence? Assuming that he is a poor student “who could care less” is ridiculous. Brian has been named to the Academic All-MWC Team twice. He has a 3.4 GPA, fifth best on the football team in 2005. When I had a class with him, he was not only studious but inquisitive. Brian was also criticized for his simple answer of “Buck Fush” in Monday’s paper. I’d like to point out that this response, although short, is more thoughtful than four of the other five people who couldn’t even come up with an answer. Brian Johnson deserves every cent he receives from the U. The university’s money is not just “floating around;” it is an excellent investment to reward someone’s athletic ability and hard work. Brian not only wins games, but brings in loads of revenue in tickets and merchandise for the U. Just wait and see what Brian does to our opponents this fall — they’ll be the ones wanting tutors.

Paul StemleSenior, Mathematics