Son, mom tackle med school together

Nick Kroll began medical school this fall like many other students accepted to the U. Unlike other students, however, he can walk down the hall and say hello to his mother, Becky Kroll, a fourth-year medical student also studying at the U.

“I’ve never had a mother and son studying medicine at the same time before,” said Kurt Albertine, a professor in the School of Medicine who taught Becky Kroll just three years before Nick Kroll enrolled in his class.

Albertine said he has taught members of the same family from different generations before, but never a mother and son within three years of each other.

Becky Kroll, a mother of three children, has been planning on medical school since her children were young and they were all living in Idaho.

“I wanted to wait until my children were grown up before going to med school. Nick was already in college when I started medical school at the University of Utah,” she said.

Nick began school at the University of Northern Colorado, but transferred to the U in his second year when his family moved to Utah.

“We didn’t plan on studying at the same schools — I wanted to study at the U because I had already worked in research labs with Dr. Albertine (as an undergraduate) and gotten to know the students pretty well — the U was one of my top three schools,” Nick Kroll said.

Becky graduates this year and will apply for residency this fall.

“These last four years have been a wonderful experience, I was usually the oldest person in the class, but I have made some great friends these last years,” she said.

Albertine believes that having Becky as an older student in his class was a benefit.

“Its great to have older students who have life experience, we always had something to talk about — our kids,” he said.

Nick continues to work in Albertine’s research labs during the summer, but now as a medical student.

“He’s the classic first year — a deer with big eyes in bright headlights looking overwhelmed, but he’s a great student, really dedicated and studious,” Albertine laughed.

Nick Kroll said he likes having his mom in medical school with him.

“She’s helped me in so many ways, I know the ins and outs like what textbooks to buy and which class to study the most for,” he said.

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