Letter: Mass transit is annoying

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Upon receiving a globally sent e-mail from the U, I felt compelled to respond globally.

TRAX/UTA is making it more and more difficult to appreciate the finer things in life. Commuting to campus is extremely difficult and much lengthier than usual due to the large, slow, awkwardly moving buses cutting in front of us at any opportunity. TRAX causes “only a slight delay” at every major intersection several times an hour resulting in exceedingly increased delays.

TRAX was never a good idea to begin with. By placing tracks on major streets and blocking intersections, I don’t see how anyone could have been manipulated into believing otherwise. A monorail system or even an expensive subway system would have long-term proven benefits, yet somehow our oh-so-cultured Salt Lake residents felt otherwise. I could go on and on about the never-ending problems that have arisen as a result of UTA/TRAX, but my ultimate gripe is really with the way the U pushes it down our throats.

More and more often we receive blanket e-mails regarding the “great benefits” of UTA that are provided to U staff and students. It’s as if they are getting a cut of the unbelievable profit UTA is making by virtually screwing everyone who pays to ride their transportation (many similar cities provide free or offer very cheap bus fair).

All the while, UTA is maneuvering (read: removing) routes to better suit the needs of their customers. The U presses on as if everyone actually has an option, yet somehow there is a feeling that very few people are benefiting from this arrangement. E-mail after e-mail regarding bus route changes, TRAX closures and where to park and “take TRAX” to campus, you would think they would reduce tuition and increase salaries with all the kickback they must be getting.

Ultimately, the U would be best served ensuring adequate parking (parking structures instead of lots, U bus transportation around campus) be available to its staff and students before trying to team up with a sketchy, unruly bunch of bandits like UTA.

To add one more piece of advice to an already sticky, nasty situation: stop trying to charge for parking, stop trying to ticket anything that stands still and provide everyone with the same opportunity to park and drive as you do for those who choose to subject themselves to UTA.

Chad CurvinFreshman, Undecided major