Letter: Turkish professor misrepresented

By and


My name along with a quote appears on your story about professor Olson’s talk at the U on Kurdish nationalism.

Although I did talk to your reporter on Sept. 6 after the conference, I have neither agreed to the possibility of a Kurdish political entity within the borders of Turkey (but not in Iraq), nor am I an expert on the topic (I never spoke at the event and your reporter found me on a bench!).

The news story creates a false impression on both of these accounts. I strongly protest the writer’s misrepresentation of my views.

Also, although I gave her my identity, I did not give her my consent to be quoted. Your reporter should have shown the proper regard for journalist ethics.

I hope that you will take steps to correct her mistake along with a printed notice.

I thank you for your help and attention.

ner DaglierAssistant Professor Cag University, Turkey