Letter: Quit generalizing

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How disappointing it was to read Nicholas Pappas’ column (“Married for power,” Sept. 11). It’s a shame that Pappas would use his talents to present a patchwork of hyperbole about Sen. Larry Craig’s wife when the senator himself has offered up such a rich source of material to comment upon. The article’s subject is a case of being “penny rich, pound poor” in my book.

It doesn’t help that the rest of the article stereotypes women as Easy-Bake-Oven-using second-class citizens to their husbands’ social bloc, which is not only unrealistic, but ignorant of the myriad issues involved in domestic life.

Pappas should use his creativity to poke fun at those public figures (Larry Craig, etc.) who merit public commentary and restrain from conjectures about their families.

Andrew J. SullivanJunior, Economics