Romney has son’s vote

By By Edgar Zuniga Jr.

By Edgar Zuniga Jr.

Students wanting to support Mitt Romney’s campaign didn’t have to go far to hear from someone who knows the presidential candidate well.

His son, Josh Romney, spoke to about two dozen U students Thursday night in a lecture hall at the Language and Communication Building.

Josh Romney, one of Mitt Romney’s five sons, encouraged students to become involved in the 2008 presidential elections.

“As young voters get to know my dad, see where he stands and the experience that he has, they’ll like his vision for America,” Josh Romney said.

In addition to hearing from the Republican candidate’s son, students listened to a Romney web seminar, other speakers and bands.

Marianne Smoot, an undeclared sophomore, is one of many students across the country actively involved with the presidential campaign. Smoot organized Thursday’s event and spent the summer interning at Romney’s campaign headquarters in Boston.

John Bowers, a junior majoring in economics, spoke to the crowd and said he had an incredible experience working at Romney’s headquarters in Boston. Bowers encouraged students to become involved with Romney’s call center in Salt Lake City, a job that could impact the vote in early Republican primary states, specifically in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Smoot will be volunteering at the Salt Lake City call center after finals week and plans on holding different activities, such as fundraisers and debates for next semester.

“I support Mitt Romney because I’ve studied a lot about his past accomplishments, what he’s done for business, the Olympics here and the state of Massachusetts,” said Sam Salisbury, a sophomore in business. “I respect his leadership and his values.”

All of the candidates are reaching out to young voters in an unprecedented way and Mitt Romney is doing the same, Josh Romney said.

“It’s kind of funny to see your dad have a Facebook or MySpace page, but his reaching out to young voters goes a lot further than that,” Josh Romney said, adding that he and his four brothers have campaigned extensively as surrogates for his father throughout the country.

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