Letter: Yo Chrony, tell me about the supers

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I am wondering if The Chronicle is willing to look into Utah’s two superdelegate voters, Langen and Hale. I was shocked to discover that two superdelegates can subvert the will of the democratic process. Barack Obama won the majority here in Utah. Unfortunately, two public servants can ignore voters and give their votes to Hillary Clinton.

Please provide students with contact information for these two individuals and do a story. I think it’s very important, especially this election, that voters let their public officials know who they work for and who they are supposed to speak for. We vote for Barack, so they slap the majority in the face and turn their backs to vote for Hillary? This is sick. Superdelegates are undemocratic. If we’re going to have them, they should go the way of the districts they represent.

Michael WhitakerSophomore, Mathematics