Letter: Read a book, Auxier

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I’m ashamed that Tiara C. Auxier attends the U. She should remember the jingle most kids know: “It’s in a book, just take a look, it’s reading rainbow, READING RAINBOW.”

If she stopped listening to Sean Hannity, she’d have a brain left to read a book and know our country is actually a Madisonian Democracy (“The United States is a republic,” March 3). If she wasn’t a moron, she’d also know the form of government know as a “republic” varies greatly. In fact, our Madisonian Democracy is a Republic, despite the name. In Republics that are also Democracies (Madisonian Democracy), the leader of the country is most often called a “president.”

I’m so sick of The Chronicle publishing columns that lack any substance or knowledge. The Chronicle publishes a lot of columns I do not agree with. However, when they actually have substance and are written in such a way, I believe the author actually did a little research.

Lastly, her article shows her character. She just sat and eavesdropped on someone else’s conversation. She sounds like a busy person with a lot to do. She should do everyone a favor, graduate already and leave the U, where welfare awaits her sorry writing career.

Michael WhitakerSophomore, Mathematics