Kopaunik: Hillary needs to bow out

By Janice Kopaunik

I love the thrill of a fight — a good hair-pulling, object-throwing, insult-hurling, full-on fight scene. Late-night television used to fulfill my embarrassing fetish for degrading fight scenes, but I’ve recently found a new, publicly accepted venue for my guilty pleasure: news circuits reporting on the Presidential race. This race has turned into a glorified version of “Cops” covered in a thinly veiled act of diplomacy as Hillary claws her way to the finish line.

News stations are even announcing play-by-plays of the head-bashing action in an increasingly tabloid-like fashion. Many of the arguments are reminiscent of little kids batting each other on the playground.

“He’s copying me!” “He doesn’t know what he’s doing!” “Nuh-uh!” “Yeah-HUH!” It’s enough to want to grab both of them by their ears and make them sit this race in opposite corners and think about their actions.

The Democratic Party usually prides itself on portraying the more humane characteristics of responsibility, integrity and peace loving — all core characteristics the nation needs over the next four years as we are finally coming to the end of this war and brainless presidency. Until recently, there has been a general consensus that we will have a Democrat for president, and, until recently, I would have believed this to be true. But the recent degrading activity between the two Democratic front-runners is making me question my ballot.

Despite her unbroken losing streak, Clinton continues to battle her way through the fight. Where is the adviser for her campaign who needs to tell her to throw in the towel? Her actions have done nothing to help her campaign, and she is significantly weakening the entire Democratic platform.

I am really beginning to wonder why I would vote for either one of the Democratic candidates when it’s obvious both are lacking the characteristics needed over the next four years. One of the most important needs of this nation is to be out of the war. How are we supposed to believe that they are capable and willing to engage in respectable relations with people of different beliefs and nationalities when they can’t even get along with a member of their own party?

While Hillary and Obama are at each other’s neck, Republicans are sitting ringside enjoying the action. Each low blow places the GOP further ahead in the running. McCain is beginning to look like a relative saint.

Hillary needs to quit now. Her campaign to ruin the credibility of Obama is working well, but she is still not going to win. Now they both look pathetic, and I am beginning to wonder about the fate of our nation over the next four years.

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