Police briefs (4/11)

Police looks for suspect caught masturbating

Police were dispatched to the U Hospital after a man was seen masturbating on the third level parking terrace. When police questioned the suspect, he denied the report, saying that someone might have seen him scratching himself because he had scabies.

Police checked for warrants and released the suspect, who is reported to be 5-foot-4, 20 to 25 years old, wearing a Levi jacket, a black bandana with cross bones and glasses.

A witness saw him masturbating March 25 around 1:30 p.m. The witness said she was leaving work for a dentist appointment and had exited an elevator in the parking terrace when she noticed the suspect masturbating on the ground. The witness told the suspect, “You sick son of a b****,” which prompted him to walk down the stairs and leave, according to a police report. The suspect, who was on probation for a drug charge, is also a registered sex offender.

Men arrested for warrants, possession of alcohol

One man was arrested and three others were given citations for underage drinking after police pulled over their vehicle as it exited the parking lot in front of the Union on Tuesday. Police were first dispatched after a bystander saw the truck with its lights off and thought it looked suspicious. All five men in the car were younger than 21, and all, except the driver, had been drinking.

Police found an unopened 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, one box with four cans of the same beer and a bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum.

One of the men was arrested and taken to the Salt Lake County Metro Jail after police discovered an outstanding warrant for $1,357. The remaining three were given citations for being minors in possession of alcohol. Police released the three men and gave them citations.

Purse stolen from assistant

Elvira Howell, a medical assistant at the U Rehab Clinic, called police after she realized her purse had been stolen from her office. On April 1, she left her office, locked the door and ran to catch a TRAX train. When she realized that she had left her purse, she returned to the building and found the door unlocked and books and papers scattered all over the office. Howell told police this has been the third or fourth time this has happened.

Impersonator escorted out of hospital

A man who had previously been arrested for impersonating a police officer was given a trespass citation after he was seen pretending to be a medical student at Primary Children’s Medical Center. Police were dispatched March 31 after a security staff member recognized the man, who was identified as a 32-year-old Hispanic. Police questioned him and escorted off the property, according to a report.

Pharmacist harassed by phone

A student who works as a pharmacist at the U Hospital told police that a man has called her work phone multiple times and harassed her. She said that when calls come in, the man asks to speak to a female pharmacist and then proceeds to make noises, push buttons and hang up, according to a police report.

Museum bathrooms vandalized

A janitor working at the Utah Museum of Natural History told police two bathroom mirrors had been vandalized on March 13. At that time, 23 members of the Ambassador Program were in the museum, the janitor said. There was no connection found between the program members and the vandalism, and there will not be further investigation into the incident.

Computer equipment stolen

More than $500 worth of computer equipment was stolen from a building in Fort Douglas on March 18. Items stolen include a scanner, a hard drive and a headset, staff members said. Although the office is not secured, according to a report, the building requires a card for entry access.

Security vehicle vandalized

A car belonging to the Security Department was vandalized Tuesday. The driver’s side windshield wiper blade was broken on the car, which was parked next to the Security Building. Damage is estimated at $100, because the blade, along as the interior wiper system, need to be replaced.

Hospital employees cautioned

Employees at the U Hospital were goofing off with a baseball bat at the north parking terrace while they were waiting for their friends, according to a police report. The three men were seen by a passerby who notified security. Police officers advised the men that it was “probably not a good idea to be wandering around the parking terrace with a bat,” officer Polly Harris said.

Reports Courtesy of the U Police Department