Working Dog Barks Its Last

By Kyle Stegerwald

The final Working Dog reading of the academic year will take place at the Salt Lake City Arts Council’s Art Barn on Thursday at 7 p.m.

The Working Dog series of readings is a monthly event, coordinated and staged by graduate students in the English department. The readings allow English and creative writing graduate students at the U an opportunity to showcase their previously published, upcoming or strictly personal work in an intimate setting.

Five graduate students will present work from various genres Thursday.

The Art Barn is a venue suited to the task of holding readings and plays and is host to dozens of poets and authors per year who are involved not only in Working Dog, but also the University’s Guest Writers series, which brings in talent from around the country.

At this Working Dog, P.J. Carlisle and Matthew Kirkpatrick will read fiction pieces and Kathryn Cowles, Derek Henderson and Stacy Kidd will read poetry.

Kyle Stegerwald