Pizza: This new section needs your voice

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Whether you came to the U specifically to immerse yourself in Utah’s world famous powder, or are merely a part of the great outdoors once your winter wear can be ditched for more joint-revealing attire, this state can serve as your playground.
There is no denying that the level of outdoor enthusiasm at the U has a range that has a span as broad as the religious affiliations of the state’s inhabitants. But if you haven’t at least been curious about what kind of challenges and pleasures Utah’s natural terrain can provide, then you must be here for the in-state tuition or the medical school.
The goal of this outdoors section is to appeal to everyone from the casual neighborhood park patron to the woman who wants to make a round trip up Mount Olympus and back by lunchtime in order to make her 3 p.m. hang gliding lesson at the Point of the Mountain.
We want to investigate why Park City Mountain Resort closes its ski slopes April 13 regardless of whether 12 inches of new powder is set to dump on April 14 or deer can already nibble on the freshly sprouting grass.
We want to enlighten you on the other ways to enjoy Moab besides traversing Slick Rock. We want to find tips on surviving an avalanche and what exactly it means to “shoot the tube.” We also think it would be worthwhile to find out the best places to sky dive, ice block and where you have the best chance of catching a cutthroat trout on the Weber River.
This section is going to be dedicated to everyone and everything outdoors related, but we can’t do it without the help of U students.
If you have a topic of interest, we’d love to hear about it. We don’t care if it is a tip on a group of students that like to long board from the U hospital down to Rice-Eccles Stadium or the best hiking trail up Emigration Canyon. If there is something you’d like more information about, let us know and we’ll do our damnedest to find the answer. If you know someone with an interesting hobby or outdoor habit, let us know. If there is a Jeep Jamboree heading from Salt Lake City to Baja, Calif., and you’re looking for others to join you, let us know.
Our newspaper is dedicated to doing the best we can to inform our student population. This section is dedicated to keeping you abreast of everything going on in Utah’s great outdoors. With everything going on in this state, it is hard to keep track of it all and we’d love your help. Send me an e-mail, give me a call, drop me a line, put a note in a bottle and throw it at the Union building, stop me in the halls or at your local golf course and give me a heads-up. If it’s interesting to you, it’s interesting to The Chronicle.
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