Your vote counts

The minds and imaginations of college students across the country have been captured by Barack Obama. Though the race is almost neck and neck among general voters, a Wallstreet Journal/NBC poll conducted in July shows Obama with a stunning 24 point lead over Sen. John McCain among voters ages 18-34.

Obama has caused more excitement among young people than any politician in recent history. If nothing else, his campaign methods have introduced college students and other young voters to the political system. He has turned the historically fickle youth vote into a driving force for his campaign, which, voters hope, translates into lifetime involvement in politics whether or not his presidential run is successful.

Beyond his charisma, youth and looks, Obama has addressed issues young voters are concerned with. Young voters are faced with rising gas prices, an economic recession on the eve of graduation and a prolonged war being fought primarily by college-age soldiers. With those prospects, and distrust of our current leaders, it is no wonder many students look to Obama8212;a candidate who promises them change.

Obama has empowered students to be a part of that change across the country even in Utah.

Utah has been carried by Republicans in every presidential race since 1964, which can make that same scenario feel almost inevitable.
Hopefully, the excitement Obama has generated during his campaign can overcome the urge for U students and other Utahns to resign themselves to repeat history. No matter the outcome, it can’t be denied that Obama has given young voters hope that change is possible, and that they can help.

It is the responsibility of young voters to ensure the current excitement on campus and elsewhere doesn’t prove to be just a trend come election day. U students should prepare themselves now by registering to vote.
Registration may be done in person at the Salt Lake County Elections Division, 2001 S. State Street, Room #S1100 or online at the Salt Lake County Clerks Office’s Web site.

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