Zach Ruble long boards to school

With its steep slope and spacious sidewalks, the U campus calls to longboarders.

Weaving down the sidewalks and streets, dodging students and staff on his longboard is how Zach Ruble prefers to get to class every day. TRAX and buses can get him back to the top in no time he said.

“Long boarding is so much more exciting than riding a bike,” said Ruble, a freshman in biomedical engineering. “You can’t pull on a brake to slow down boarding, you gotta ride it out and have a little skill.”

Ruble realizes he may aggravate some people on campus from time to time, but said he avoids running into people. To those who scoff or think he is a danger, Ruble recommends they try longboarding for themselves.

“I hear the ride from the hospital to downtown is good,” Ruble said. “And the stadium is good for tricks or practice.”

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