Redfest not so green



Redfest Goes Green? Don’t red and green make brown? All I saw were trash cans full of plastic cups and Styrofoam containers. If ASUU is going to claim to be green and use the recycling symbol in their marketing, then they should at least provide recycling bins. There were more red flyers and printed paper propaganda littering the venue than there were patrons. How many trees were harmed in the marketing of Redfest?

Hey quick, add some more trees, roots and green to your flyers. Why exploit the trend and not follow through? If the Presenter’s Office is going to market the U as green, then print on recycled paper, provide recycling bins, reduce the superfluous waste (don’t turn it into handbags that will return to the trash) and stop using Styrofoam. There are plenty of cost-effective biodegradable alternatives that can be used instead. Are they just picking the color that sells? What’s next, the Utes go BYU Blue?

Kris Olson
Senior, Chemistry

Chris Binger
U alumnus