Red fest sound tests uncalled for during class hours

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I spend all afternoon Thursdays in class in OSH. Usually the noisiest it gets around there is the industrial-strength lawn mowers, which are annoying, but tolerable.

Last week brought the word “noise” to a whole new level. It appeared that they were doing the sound check on the stage outside the Union for the Thursday evening concert. But it went on…and on…and on. It was so loud that the windows in my classrooms shook. I could barely hear the teacher, and we had to practically shout to have a class discussion. By the end of class, my head was threatening to prove once and for all the theory of spontaneous human combustion.

I don’t know about you, but I attend the U in order to get an education. I think all the extracurricular events are great, and I attend them myself sometimes. But to let them get out of control to the point where they are interfering with the regular curriculum is just plain bad policy, not to mention infuriating.

Please do a better job of planning in the future. Or at least turn the sound down.

Laurel Wright
Senior, Japanese