Police Briefs

By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

Looted Laptops

An estimated $10,000-worth of merchandise was stolen from the University Campus Store.

Loading-dock workers opened a shipment of white MacBook laptop computers Sept. 29 to find 10 of them missing. Each of the laptops is valued at about $1,000, according to the police report. The store ordered 84 MacBooks to sell at the Tech Fair last month, but found only 74 of them in the shipment, said Steve Ryerson, the store’s computing solutions manager. Ryerson would not say how much money the store pays Apple for the laptops.

The cardboard shipment boxes for the computers appeared to have been opened, looted and resealed, he said. Ryerson said surveillance tapes show that none of the campus store employees appear to be responsible for the theft. The 10 laptops must have been stolen in transit sometime between when they left the manufacturer in China and when they arrived at the store, Ryerson said.

The Campus Store waited until last Thursday to tell police about the theft because they were waiting to hear if Apple had made an error. The store isn’t likely to suffer any lasting financial damage, since Apple said they will likely reimburse the store for its loss, Ryerson said.

Stolen Computers

Five computers and an Ethernet switch have been stolen from the Merrill Engineering Building over the last two months.

An engineer for the chemical engineering department reported the theft of the computers and the switch from Room 3125. The computers were moved into Room 3125, an unused lab, Aug. 1. According to the police report, the engineer only noticed they were missing last week.

The lab had been kept locked since the computers were moved in, and can only be accessed from one of three keypad-secured doors, each with a different code, the report said.

The total value of the stolen property is estimated to be between $10,200 and $12,700, according to the report. The engineer did not have serial numbers for the missing computers.