Roper should look at both sides of the problem

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This letter is in regard to Anne Roper’s column (“U employees need a lesson in hospitality,” Oct. 3).

I work for Centennial Management Group. I do not speak on their behalf. I am just a part-time employee who takes my job seriously no matter how big or small my part is.

After reading your column, I feel you have only portrayed one side of the story. There is also our side of the story: the ignorant patron. In your column, you say that you were just short of being frisked. It is the U’s policy, not CMG’s, that no weapons, alcohol or outside food or drink is allowed to be brought in from outside the venue except one factory-sealed water bottle.

As for being yelled at by an unpleasant ticket taker, have you ever tried to get thousands of people to follow what you say?

I work in the student section of the stadium. Let me tell you, Miss Roper, if you want to see rude and mean people, please come work in the student section.

The verbal and physical abuse we take is nothing compared to an “unpleasant ticket-taker.” I hope you will do a follow-up column on what kind of “fans” the U has. I agree with you about customer service, but nobody deserves to be treated the way the fans treat our staff.

Travis McGuire
Part-time employee,
Centennial Management Group