Students deserve use of lots during events and construction


Wednesday I arrived at school early so I could be in my seat when class started. But I found myself driving around the E lot by the Merrill Engineering Building for half an hour with numerous other students, an all-too-common occurrence. Many of the cars in the lot are owned by construction workers who have temporary E passes.

Today I finally had enough, so I went to Commuter Services to complain. I was given the typical runaround about how parking spots are not guaranteed, especially during events. Unless your definition of an event is every day, this stipulation hardly applies.

After my futile complaint, I returned to the parking lot. Most of us had already missed class and were desperately trying to find a spot. Some parked illegally, some parked in another lot, some just flat out left. I decided to count how many construction workers were parked in our spots and was astounded when I found the total was 100 cars. One hundred plus students were late or didn’t make it to class because of the parking situation. Aren’t we the ones that pay to go to school here? Shouldn’t those spots belong to us? There has to be a better solution than displacing more than 100 students who pay good money to come to school and park here.

Could somebody please help us get our spots back so we can continue with our education?

Jordan Nicholls,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Justin Ferguson,
Senior, Electrical Engineering