Hoffman’s response to column unbelievable


I would like to respond to Derek Hoffman’s letter to the editor (“ASUU didn’t break funding rule,” Oct 7). I’m a student unaware of the details, and Hoffman did an excellent job of turning my opinion against the decision of the Associated Students of the University of Utah General Assembly.

I’m surprised that Hoffman, as a student representative, was unable to form a reasonable defense. Instead he referred to the paper as “pathetic,” “lame” and its articles “ridiculous.” Blaming the entire school newspaper is about as wise as blaming the entire political science department for producing an inept senior student.

I sincerely doubt Mr. Hoffman’s credibility based on blindly “advocat(ing) funding for absolutely any student group.” If it’s that easy to get approval, I would like to prepare the Assembly for a flood of funding proposals for new student groups.

If the student government actually wants to support their student body, I would recommend actually justifying their actions, not making empty threats against the newspaper.

Please note my use of quotes and take a deep breath before releasing hell’s fire upon me, because these were your actual words, Mr. Hoffman. But then again, I’m not one of the “fine folks at The Chronicle,” so how will you ridicule me? Your answer: just blame the newspaper for publishing it.

Matthew W. Janczak,
Graduate Student, Chemistry