Outdoors coverage great, should include more info


I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole page spread on rock climbing in Salt Lake City (“Cottonwood canyons offer prime climbing,” Oct. 21). It makes me happy to see others sharing my love of this great sport. On the other hand, as an instructor for the Parks, Recreation and Tourism climbing program, I was disappointed that there was no mention of the climbing opportunities offered by the U.

The U has an amazing climbing program that has recently been revamped. It also offers an awesome course for beginning ice climbers and a follow-up course for those who want to learn to lead ice routes. I thought the page could have benefited from mentioning these courses as a way for people to meet other climbers and gain experience.

In the section on gear and supplies, you mentioned what an expensive sport climbing is and proceeded to list the gear and prices. What you failed to mention was that shoes, helmets and harnesses can all be rented through the Outdoor Recreation Program for a really good price.

All in all, the article was informative and entertaining but I wish you had mentioned what the U does to help students get into the awesome sport of climbing.

Trisha Paulos,
Senior, Philosophy