Those against abortion are missing the point


Abortion is not about “murdering babies.”

Abortion is about the right of women to interrupt an unwanted pregnancy that might have resulted from a terrible experience, such as rape, the horrible news that the fetus’ health would result in a challenging existence, or in the case when the health of the mother could be at risk.

Women will experience dozens of spontaneous abortions throughout their lifetime without even knowing it. Abortion is about interrupting cell division. We should talk in terms of a cluster of cells. If interrupting a pregnancy is “murder,” then so is all the semen that a man will “waste” in his lifetime.

The net number of people added to the world population every day is 200,000. Every five days, we have 1 million more people on this planet. With this picture in mind, it should be easy to see that we have more serious issues to worry about, such as how to feed, educate, love, hug, give jobs to, find a home for, provide medical care and drinkable water to 1 million more people every five days.

Manny L. Antonacci,
Alumnus/U Employee
Biology/Radiological Health Dept.