Church made cruel decision


We have dozens of Utah families living in homeless shelters, and the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has led a $20 million crusade off through the Nevada desert to California. Squandering the goodwill that they have gained through their humanitarian efforts, they claim that the idea of the marriage of Jim and Bob of Arbuckle at the Colusa County Courthouse is an event of cosmic proportions.

Please, save me from such hypocrisy. Do your Christian duty and get those families out of the homeless shelters.

I’m a straight male who has been happily married for 40 years, and I don’t believe that Mormons worship the devil. In fact, some of the finest people I have ever known have been tithe-paying Mormons, but the present LDS leadership has made a huge and cruel mistake that will be backpedaled by future generations8212;try the year 2020 max.

If a church doesn’t want to marry gays, that’s fine. Just stay out of the courthouse while Jim and Bob tie the knot. Minding your own business is an old American tradition.

Roger Carrier