Hartman pleads guilty

By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

Shadd Dean Hartman pled guilty Monday for stealing and possessing billing records from more than 1.5 million U Hospital patients, for which he might face up to two years in prison.

“We’re certainly happy this gentleman has decided to plead guilty and this process is almost over,” said Christopher Nelson, a spokesman for U Health Sciences.

In June, the U Hospital hired a courier to transport a metal box that contained patients’ billing records. Hartman broke into the courier’s car and stole the box, a second-degree felony. He and accomplice Thomas Howard Anderson held onto the box for several weeks before both men were arrested and charged with another third-degree felony for possessing the records, which contained documents with identification information such as Social Security numbers.

As part of his plea bargain, both of Hartman’s felony counts were reduced to Class A Misdemeanors. His public attorney, Scott A. Wilson, said that Hartman had no idea what was in the box and had no ability to access its contents. The FBI’s forensic unit and local law enforcement concluded that Hartman and Anderson had not accessed the billing records.

Judge Sheila McCleve also granted Hartman adult probation and parole between now and his sentencing, which is scheduled for Jan. 26. Until then, the court has issued a pre-sentence investigation into Hartman’s background to see if there is any reason why he should have his sentence altered, according to court documents.

Hartman had been in the Tooele County Jail prior to his parole, but Anderson was bailed out because Bruce Savage, Anderson’s defense attorney, thought it wouldn’t be cost-effective to keep both men in jail and because Anderson had come forward with the records. Savage said he could not comment on whether or not his client would receive the same deal.

Anderson, who gave information about Hartman to the police when he handed over the billing records, is scheduled to plead Dec. 29.

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