Take 5

1. Watching “Arrested Development” episodes online. The brilliant story lines and hilarious characters make it a perfect show to watch during study breaks. – Sara Copeland

2. wwtdd.com (What Would Tyler Durden Do) is one of the funniest celebrity Web sites around, and it’s all thanks to the writer’s “I don’t care” attitude. He insults everyone equally and no one is safe. I don’t care much about the Hollywood gossip scene, but this is one Web site I can’t stop looking at. – Trevor Hale

3. It’s so difficult to pick just one. I think the table where my book is sitting is a great distraction that I seem to spend a lot of time staring at. Every time a dust mite farts during finals I get distracted. It’s sad. – Kyle Stegerwald

4. Talking on the phone with my family, because then I can tell myself that I’m focusing on what’s truly important, rather than just, you know, slacking off. – Sarah Custen

5. I think my distraction is the most obvious one. Spending hours online, whether it’s on MySpace uploading pictures and posting comments or bidding on miscellaneous items on eBay. Pretty bad, right? – Phi Tran