Quarter 2 Coverage

By Tony Pizza, Sports Editor

:17 2nd Quarter
Terrell Cole made a big tackle on the screen pass that puts Alabama at third-and-8 with little time left and Alabama all out of timeouts. Utah gets a personal foul call after time expired resulting in better field position for the second half. Utah gets the football to start the second. Marquis Maze was the guilty party.

:55 2nd Quarter
Julio Jones is eating Utah’s secondary alive on this drive. Utah is successful when getting pressure and disrupting Wilson in the pocket. Robert Johnson probably should have been able to come down with that interception.

1:27 2nd Quarter
Utah needs a stop here to go into halftime with a semi-comfortable cushion. Utah gave Julio Jones way too much room and Bama gets a huge play on play action.

2:17 2nd Quarter
Utah going for fourth-and-1. Utah got a false start for setting and then having the entire team shift. Whittingham is upset because he said his team just shifted. The refs thought otherwise and Utah forces Alabama into a fair catch situation.

3:49 2nd Quarter
Utah looks to be going for the patent time-killing draw play. The second one didn’t work so well. Utah lost a yard. Utah, by the way, only has one penalty thus far. Greg Newman’s offisides call.

4:35 2nd Quarter
Matt Asiata had a nice run and fumbled for only the second time all season. He got it back for the second time this season and Utah is driving the ball well again. Nice drive for the Utes.

5:46 2nd Quarter
Even though Utah didn’t convert, they got a gift when Justin Woodall couldn’t come up with that interception. Alabama is pissed and just had Javier Arenas return a punt for a touchdown, the first one Utah has given up all season. It’s actually the longest punt return Utah has given up this season. Big game changer right there. If Alabama was going to score, Utah needed them to waste some time off the clock. You get the feeling that Utah might be waiting to survive the half. They need to stay hungry out there.

5:51 2nd Quarter
Alabama had to call a timeout on that play and Saban was absolutely livid. Rolando McClain looked to be out of position. Utah has a third-and-7 coming up and it could be huge for a first down to waste some more of this clock. Alabama is going to come out swinging, especially in the second half and Utah’s going to need to build up a levee. The nice thing is, Utah gets the ball to start the half, but they can’t start playing conservative. Just smart.

6:42 2nd Quarter
We are at a timeout break. This stadium hasn’t been quieter with this many people in the stands. Alabama fans are sapped for energy. That looked like a touchdown drive that resulted in nothing. Can Utah’s offense keep the ball moving? Alabama’s defense looks tough.

7:27 2nd Quarter
Kepa Gaison now has two sacks. Utah hit back when they needed to and almost picked that last third down pass about three different ways to Sunday. This is another long field goal from Alabama. He missed it and Utah fans are absolutely going crazy. Their kicker is no Louie Sakoda. That’s for sure.

8:13 2nd Quarter
Alabama is gaining yards in big chunks now. The Tide aren’t going to give up being down 21-3. Utah has to hit back.

8:45 2nd Quarter
Julio Jones was open on that attempt in the end zone, but Smith closed well and probably should have been called for pass interference. He looked to get there a shade early.

10:33 2nd Quarter
Utah’s going to have to prove at some time that they can either keep up this intensity, or at least hold Alabama at bay. The Tide are moving the ball pretty effectively now. They are countering Utah’s pressure with screen plays that are working better than the run plays.

11:39 2nd Quarter
Alabama decided to bring in the tailback Ingram. Utah’s defense has been fairly good against the run.

13:45 2nd Quarter
Utah’s offensive line finally caved in. Alabama is starting to make Brian Johnson uncomfortable. Utah is forced to punt for the first tme this game. Alabama in block formation. Sakoda just got off a gorgeous punt, but too far. Alabama got its first stop of the game. How will Utah’s defense respond?

14:10 2nd Quarter
Freddie Brown already has three catches for 50 yards. Utah is in their bread and butter four-wide set.

14:55 2nd Quarter
That field goal kick just barely went in. If it were a yard shorter it would have missed.