Political tagger hits OSH


By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

Ruby Johnson said she felt annoyed by what she saw on the west side of OSH.

Someone vandalized the west side of OSH and the Business Classroom Building Sunday night. The vandal left political messages on the wall, including “Bush = Obama” and “+ education, – war.”

“There are definitely more effective ways to protest,” said Johnson, a junior in art.

Barta Jones, facilities manager for the BUC, said she reported the graffiti to campus police when she arrived for work Monday morning. She said she has no idea who might have left it.

Campus police do not have any leads or evidence pointing to a culprit, said Capt. Lynn Mitchell of the U Police Department.

Johnson said that as an art student, she thought the graffiti looked very amateur.

Michael McFall

Erik Daenitz

Political graffiti was found on the side of the business building Monday morning. Other buildings on campus also had graffiti.