The Pulse

Well, back to the grind. It was a relaxing, stress-free8212;and therefore somewhat boring8212;Winter Break. The only stressful decision I encountered in my entire month away was whether or not I should skip Sundance in favor of going to Washington, D.C. for the Obama inauguration. Being a life-long film lover, I opted for the former. Although I’m sure Obama’s speech will be one for the history books, I’m also confident it will be on the Internet within minutes of the last line. Also, it’s Sundance!

John Fitzgerald and I will be splitting our time between Salt Lake City and Park City for the next 10 days to give you as much inside information as we can get our hands on. Check out the Red Pulse Web site at to read our blogs and rants from the frontline of the film festival. And if you still refuse to join the digital age, fear not, because next week’s issue will be chock full of news, stories and reviews from the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Trevor Hale
[email protected]