The Pulse

By Trevor Hale, Red Pulse Editor

It’s shocking how tiring it is to sit in a movie theater sometimes. Not to say that Sundance hasn’t been fun8212;because it has8212;but man, it’s exhausting. In the three full days I’ve been hanging out in Park City (so far), I’ve seen 10 feature-length movies. That’s more than I saw in the months of November and December combined. But that’s the great thing about film festivals8212;we might never hear from any of these people again and this is their one shot to impress us. These people spend all their time and energy on this one project and the reward is that they get a chance to show it to the world. Sometimes they make a huge splash and sometimes8212;more often than not, sadly8212;it passes without a second thought.

It’s been quiet up here all week and I haven’t seen nearly as many stars as I’d hoped. Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction and Peter Krause (“Six Feet Under”) were eating at Squatter’s the other night, but that’s it. I even braved Main Street on Saturday night hoping for something amazing, but nothing happened. That’s okay by me though8212;I’m just here for the movies.

Trevor Hale

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