Leota arrested for simple assault

By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

Campus police arrested and later released suspended Utah football player Lisi Leota for simple assault and disorderly conduct Friday night.

Mark Wakefield, who witnessed the offense, called police after he saw Leota tackle Kaleigh Robarts to the ground outside the Huntsman Center after the gymnastics meet Jan. 23. After police arrived and talked to several witnesses, they reported that Leota had also pushed another bystander and knocked over a display stand.

“My friend and I were just playing around,” Leota said, adding that witnesses didn’t understand that roughhousing is normal among his friends. Leota said he only bumped into the display stand and another person, and it wasn’t his intention to cause a ruckus.

Police arrested Leota and brought him to the station for questioning. Leota said he had been arguing with his girlfriend Friday night and wanted to get away from the situation. After a couple of drinks, he went to the gymnastics meet with Robarts. Leota told police he was sorry for what happened and they released him later that night. No charges have been filed.

Leota was suspended from the football team in November for getting into a fight at a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity party where witnesses said he injured two fraternity members. Leota said that Friday’s incident was “not a big deal,” and that he is trying to put it behind him.

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Lisi Leota