U’s Print Services is an independent, cost-efficient option


I would like to thank The Chronicle for publishing the following correction Jan. 30 for John Hannon’s column (“U’s printing rates are unreasonable,” Jan. 29), which incorrectly stated that the University Print and Copy Services is responsible for campus printing prices.

Print and Copy Services does not dictate campus lab printing costs, but does offer very reasonable rates for copying, digital printing, offset printing and finishing services. The correct rates for self-service copiers, located in Union Room 158, are as low as 4 cents per copy when using a UCard. Color copies are 45 cents or less for 8.5-by-11 sheets. For campus departments paying with a chartfield or purchase card, rates are as low as 2 and a half cents per black and white image, depending on volumes.

Print and Copy Services is a non-funded campus department that exists to serve the needs of students, faculty and staff. We support the university community by offering competitive pricing and a variety of convenient services.

Jane Bushnell,
Print and Copy Services