HB 208 creates barriers

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My office at the U awards private scholarships available to all students, including those of undocumented status who fall under HB 144. I need to express my objections toward SB 81 and HB 208.

These restrictive bills will prevent many young adults from attaining higher education. They target the children of undocumented parents, the majority of which have lived in this country for most of their lives. Whatever might have been the actions of their parents, the children of undocumented workers came to this country in innocence and attended our Utah schools for three years, under Utah law, in good standing. Thus, these aspiring students are Americans, despite their legal status.

Passing these bills sends a message that they do not belong and prevents them from contributing to society in positive ways. Creating barriers for undocumented students discourages them from pursuing higher education and reduces them and their families to a servile class.

Rather than creating biased barriers, we need to think about providing solutions and pathways to higher education. Please do not restrict or change HB 144. We need to invest in all of our students.

Cristina Caputo
U Student Intiatives
Scholarship Coordinator