Students should take advantage of Bennion Center


I am going to graduate in May and the finest thing that I am taking with me from this university apart from my education is the experience I gained volunteering.

I began volunteering my sophomore year at Primary Children’s Medical Center. I later learned about the Bennion Community Service Center from the program’s director. When I finally went to the Bennion Center, I was amazed at the amount of service opportunities available. The staff and student leaders are available, and friendly as well. From my perspective, the organization has gotten better each year.

The Bennion Center is the most little known asset this university has to offer. It is on the first floor of the Union in the west corner (just past the cafeteria). We are having an Open House in the Bennion Center on Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. All are invited to come enjoy some food and learn about our programs. The Bennion Center also has a Web site: I encourage you to visit it and see what programs are available.

Finally, the Bennion Center gives students leadership opportunities. No matter the profession you are entering or the graduate program you are applying to, they all love to see a volunteer with leadership experience. If your excuse is lack of time, you will realize that you progressively have less and less time as you get further in life.

Ben Hammond,
Senior, Biology