Go Party sorry for their ad


As a minority student, I clearly understand how the recording broadcast at the Marriott Library as well as on the GO Party’s Web page was offensive. My first response was confusion because I know that the GO Party would never have the intention of hurting a group of students. After listening to the discussions by other students about this issue, I want to say that I still support the GO Party 100 percent.
I have been able to meet with Pace Johnson, Jeff Sbaih and Erica Andersen and learn about what they are passionate about and what they stand for. From those conversations, I know that one of the most important things to them is getting involved to create change and I really respect that. I have informed myself about all the parties and I can honestly say that the GO Party has listened to my individual needs. I hope that my peers who were offended by the audio clip can give the GO Party the opportunity to apologize for the incident and learn how they want to fix this problem.

Rosalia Villegas,

Freshman, Accounting and Information Systems