Volunteer opportunities limited

By Jeremy Thompson, Staff Writer

Students staying home for Spring Break might have to find their own opportunities to volunteer.

The Bennion Community Service Center offers Alternative Spring Break programs for students to volunteer outside of the state, but registration for the programs have already ended.

The Bennion Center’s Web site lists volunteer organizations such as the Utah Department of Health, the Utah Food Bank and Unite For Sight, an advocacy group for the visually impaired.

Christy Tobolski, alumni program manager for the Bennion Center, said these organizations usually allow students to walk in and volunteer throughout the semester

“As far as staying in the valley, most of the opportunities are ongoing projects rather than special events,” Tobolski said.

Mary Ady, a sophomore in occupational therapy, is planning to stay home for Spring Break this year. She said she would be interested in volunteering if there were opportunities available within the valley.

“Absolutely I would volunteer my time,” Ady said. “I even went to the VA to try and get some more information to volunteer there, but nobody knew anything. If there were specific opportunities out there, I think I would be more likely to get involved. I will probably spend most of my time skiing instead.”

Dave Kincaid, a junior in philosophy, said that he was planning on working extra hours during the break, and didn’t see himself volunteering.

“If there was an event, I would try and get there,” Kincaid said. “I would be more likely to go if something was already organized rather than planning it on my own.”

Students interested in future volunteering can contact the Bennion Center directly by visiting its office on the first floor of the Union, or visiting www.bennioncenter.org/other for more information.

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