Racist flyers not part of Chronicle

Early Wednesday, copies of The Daily Utah Chronicle were found bundled with racist flyers in a Sugar House neighborhood. Each paper was folded with a flyer held under a rubber band. The papers were older issues, and from what we can tell, only a few houses fell victim to the distasteful delivery.

At least one local news channel is guilty of overhyping the story, considering there were so few victims. The trashy flyers are no more noteworthy than any other easily discarded garbage.

The Chronicle certainly was not involved in the production or distribution of the offensive flyers. We don’t deliver papers to any private residences. The information printed on the flyers was disgusting and does not represent our view in any way.

If the perpetrator or perpetrators were pulling a prank, they have stepped far beyond good taste. Either way, we will press theft charges should the identity of those who distributed the flyers be discovered. Readers are permitted to take one copy of The Chronicle per day. Taking large quantities of The Chronicle without permission is considered theft.

The Chronicle was in no way involved in this, and we denounce whomever is responsible.

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