Take 5

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1* “Bringing Up Baby” – It’s about this ditzy heiress (Katherine Hepburn) who falls in love with a stuffy zoologist (Cary Grant) and uses her pet leopard to get him. Throw in a ton of slapstick humor, a dinosaur fossil, a yappy dog and you’ve got “Bringing Up Baby.” It’ll have you laughing until you cry. – Christie Franke

2* “North by Northwest” – Hitchcock’s classic tops plenty of best-classic-ever lists, mine included. I think the film’s greatness rests largely in the relationship between casting and scenario. Cary Grant is relentlessly cool, somehow managing to turn the attempts on his life into charming punchlines that make the painfully sexy Eva Marie Saint fall more in love with him. – John Collins

3* “The Wizard of Oz” – It just really takes you to another place. I never get sick of that. – Sarah Custen

4* “Touch of Evil” – Film noir and Orson Welles are the perfect match and this movie is a prime example of why. It was Welles’ finest hour after a slew of studio troubles and career misfires. With Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh rounding out the cast, it was one of the last great noirs of the period and still holds up today. – Trevor Hale

5* “An Affair to Remember” – The Empire State Building was never so romantic and you don’t really understand “Sleepless in Seattle” until you see this. Cary Grant is just so bitter and Deborah Kerr is just too proud and all the weirdness of a movie from the ’50s only makes this movie better to quote. -Sara Copeland