Leaders look to future in State of ASUU address

By Katie Valentine, Staff Writer

With only nine days left in office, Student Body President Patrick Reimherr is looking to the future.

During Monday’s State of ASUU address, Reimherr said the Associated Students of the University of Utah should continue to focus on student funding, communication, sustainability, financial needs and continuity in the future.

Tayler Clough, ASUU president-elect, said he has several things planned for each one of Reimherr’s points, such as cutting student leader stipends and add the funds back to the general reserve for students.

Reimherr listed several accomplishments for the year, including the Sustainable Campus Initiative that was passed and approved by ASUU legislators, the U Board of Trustees and Utah State Board of Regents. Student fees will increase by $2.50 next semester to generate funds for the initiative, which will be put into a revolving loan fund to pay for sustainable projects on campus.

“I have no doubt it will be successful,” Reimherr said. “It’s the most powerful tool to lead to a sustainable campus.”

Reimherr also noted RedPages, a planner given to students listing U events, as an accomplishment, and said the planners will be printed again next year to continue to increase connections with commuter students.

Leaders detailed plans to expand the ASUU Child Care Center, which Clough said has already received an additional $5,000 for next year from ASUU. The center receives 2.5 percent of the ASUU budget, approximately $35,000, said Jon Hayes, ASUU vice-president, and provides subsidized child care for students and faculty on campus to provide for nontraditional students.

Clough said his administration will continue to support the Graduation Guarantee, the advising plan initiated by last year’s ASUU administration that helps students map out a plan to graduation, utilize the ASUU Web site and carry out sustainable projects through the next year.

The student government will increase collaboration with different groups on campus for events during the next year, Clough said.

Senior Class President Madison Warren said the best part of her job was working with Senior and Freshmen councils. Freshmen apply for the council in the fall and come a long way in their first year, she said.

“They go from scared and unaware to kind of ruling this campus,” Warren said.
The ASUU leaders for the 2009-2010 school year will be inaugurated April 30 at 7 p.m. in Gardner Hall.

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ASUU leaders addressed the student body at the State of ASUU, Monday.