Illegal immigration wrong in every way


Ronald Mortensen (“Immigration linked to identity theft,” April 27) brings brilliant analysis to the debate concerning illegal aliens. But I have to question the “thinking” on why Utah law enforcement wants to maintain “good relations” with criminal aliens. Those aliens and their children overwhelm Utah’s schools, hospitals and prisons. They provide illegal labor that displaces and undercuts jobs for legal Utah citizens. Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers millions for school breakfast and lunch programs, anchor babies, assisted housing and unlicensed/uninsured illegal drivers.

All that illegality continues while a few employers reap huge profits on this 21st century slave labor. It’s wrong on a moral, ethical, religious and societal level. The kind of corruption involved breaks every mandate of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and U.S. Constitution. It shows our own leaders and law enforcement go to war against the foundational laws of this republic that allow them their freedoms.

Frosty Wooldridge,
Lakewood, Colo.