Deesing?s article was spot on

I appreciated Jonathan (Deesing)’s insights in his opinion piece about Gov. Huntsman (“Huntsman a model for open-mindedness” Sept. 2). I have had similar feelings over the past couple of years, but from the opposite side of the spectrum. As I have learned more about what I truly believe in, I have found that I am not as conservative or Republican as I had once thought. I especially liked his statement “Being blindly committed to the far side of any political party is dangerous and, quite frankly, ignorant. Without compromise, our democratic system is doomed to failure, along with our state.”

I agree that we need to be open-minded and support candidates whose agendas lie along the same lines as our own, rather than practice party politics. Thank you for the insightful article.
Justin Carrier

Third-year doctorate student, Physical Therapy