Guest dancers enliven Utah ballet?s fall event

By By Sofia Strempek

By Sofia Strempek

Utah ballet and modern dancers proved themselves to be mature artists in the Utah Ballet Special Event Performance, which ended last Saturday. But it was the out-of-towners8212;aka Germans8212;that provided the most excitement. Their piece, “Troy Games,” startled the audience with a sensual and beautifully masculine performance.

Eight male dancers from the Berlin State Ballet School participating in an exchange program with Utah Ballet seemed eager to display their brawn and dancing abilities in the piece choreographed by Robert North and staged by director Olaf Hofer. “Troy Games” rejects the formality of classical dance and employs hips and humor to allure the audience. The dancers, clad in exceedingly short shorts and leg warmers, intimidate their counterparts by exaggeratedly flexing their muscles and moving in slow motion combat.

Although in jest, “Troy Games” displays the artistic and athletic talent of the young dancers. Torsos swayed and shimmied rhythmically to the Brazilian music with a smoothness rarely seen in the ballet world. Technical prowess is subsequently shown through arching leaps and magnificently elongated lines of the body.

Utah Ballet’s fall concert succeeded in incorporating classical repertoire with newly commissioned works to highlight dancers’ artistic and expressive abilities. Guest artists infused the event with flavor and introspective works, simultaneously amusing and exciting the audience.

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