Judge should have allowed DeChristopher?s defense


Judge Benson’s ruling came down against Tim DeChristopher’s ability to defend himself in a court of law. As citizens of a democratic nation, we have an obligation to stand against this breach of our legal system. DeChristopher’s action to prevent the sale of oil and gas parcels was a direct attempt to stand up for the rights of all of our children. The threat of climate change is no longer debatable. The challenges our children will inevitably face can be either curtailed or exacerbated by individual action. These are truths, yet Benson has barred the jury from this critical information. Benson tries to discourage the public in his ruling that we the citizens cannot affect meaningful change within our own country. Yet Tim’s action did change things8212;it changed the conversation, it gave Ken Salazar political cover to invalidate the majority of parcels, and it gave Utah a narrative for the protection of future generations. Benson is afraid that if he allows DeChristopher to speak the truth in front of the public, the jury will see their own children’s future before their eyes and exonerate him. Our justice system is failing us and gagging the truth.

Lauren Wood,

Senior, Environmental Studies