?Rogue? unqualified for political ambitions

By By Douglas Jennings

By Douglas Jennings

If any metaphor has a definitive physical counterpart, it is Sarah Palin and a car wreck. You can’t stop watching.

I remember clearly watching the then-vice presidential candidate speak at the Republican National Convention in August 2008, completely and utterly astounded that a more moderate Republican8212;compared to the far right George W. Bush8212;such as John McCain would pick someone like Palin to be his running mate.

Palin’s new memoir, Going Rogue, which she will be signing at the Salt Lake Costco on Wednesday, proves the point: She wasn’t quite as welcomed into the McCain camp as it appeared.

According to her memoir, Palin engaged in numerous battles with McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt. She blames Schmidt for the infamous Katie Couric interview and for the faux phone call from Sarkozy that turned out to be a radio host playing a prank.

As Associated Press reporters fact-check the book for credibility and as the father of her grandchild poses for semi-nude Playgirl spreads, the question is: What is Sarah Palin’s ultimate plan? And does she have a public relations consultant who isn’t trying to destroy her?

Allegations that Palin was criticized by the media during the campaign because she is a woman are completely unfounded. Palin was hounded for her incredible lack of experience, her grammatically nonsensical answers to tough questions and her ideologically driven policy proposals.

Hillary Clinton, perhaps 100,000 times more qualified than Palin, was criticized as well8212;by the right wing for, among other things, her appearance and her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

One of Palin’s most recent Twitter updates mentioned the “lamestream” media in their criticism of her book tour through the country’s red strongholds. Does Palin not expect anyone to fact-check the outrageous exploit that was her vice presidential run?

Palin might be qualified to act as the mayor of Wasilla, Ala., but she is absolutely not qualified to act as president of the United States. Palin has done everything but go “rogue.” She has succumbed to transforming into the symbol for a weakened, decisive, ideological movement known as the right wing of the United States.

A Palin presidency would represent disasters regarding the future of climate change negotiations, economic blunders and an absolutely damaging unilateral foreign policy.
If going rogue means destroying your dignity as a politician in the public sphere and encouraging dangerous nationalism, Palin certainly fits the bill. I hope most Utahns and U students don’t fall prey to her impending tour through Utah.

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