Baseball Talk – Ep. 06 – Feb 27

On this weeks show, Will and Matt start out talking about news in the baseball world and spring training.  The two big stories were Curtis Granderson fracturing his right arm and Manny Ramirez most likely playing in Taiwan.
New York Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson (14)
After baseball news and spring training talk, they moved into talking about their favorite songs about baseball. Spanning from ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ to ‘Centerfield’ by John Fogerty, there are some great songs revolving.
Utah vs UC Davis
They then talked about the great weekend the Utes had against UC Davis, going 3 for 4 in the series.  Will and Matt also had the privilege to interview TJ Bennett, one of Utah’s leading infielders on the team.  He talked about the importance of the team, his transfer to the University of Utah, and his relationship with Coach Kinneberg.
Utah Baseball  TJ Bennett